Friday, 14 January 2011

Tinted Eye Brightener

This unique and effective eye brightener is a must have item for your make-up collection. I found this concealer easy to use because it is small and with a few twists, it liquid gradually comes out to the included high quality brush. I am currently using the colour Bisque as it is one shade lighter than my foundation therfore allowing a brighter effect towards my eye area. I generally use this at the beginning of the day to brighten up any dark circles from bad sleep and instantly it refreshes your look making you look awake and ready to go. However for many skin types, this may not give full coverage and therefore I will introduce you to other products which I also purchased in following blogs.

This application is quick easy and simple also it can act like a touch up for daily usage. When using the item from brand new, it may take several twists before the concealer liquid appears. This is just to activate the product. After that it takes me only around 5 clicks for the concealer to come up. Even though it includes a small brush, I tend to only use the brush to apply dots under the eye and then use my finger to spread. This way it melts the product giving a better effect.

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