Monday, 31 January 2011

Special rings

I like wearing rings on cold days instead of bracelets sometimes because it allows a much more casual effect towards your outfit. From left to right you can see that both rings are different but i love them both so much. The 1st ring is Vivienne Westwood and shows the unique Vivienne Wood orb. It is made from blue crystals and i think it is really sweet. £115

The ring on the Right is very unique and different. Vivienne Westwood again. They do this ring in different styles and colours. I think the newest one is blue, but I like black more as it is more bold and unique. The ring is made out of three rings together and have only one way to wear. when I first bought the ring, I got it stuck from wearing it the wrong way. I love Vivienne Westwood because their style are unique and different.


  1. Ah.. Vivienne Westwood <3 the rings are gorgeous!
    I only have a VW necklace as I'm not that much of a fan of them xD


  2. XD I love VW, not because Im a Vivienne, but some of their stuff are dead pretty
    not the whole skull and things. but just their usual hearts and bows and cute things XD


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