Friday, 28 January 2011

Daily Fresh & Simple Look

This is my daily look which is very simple. It is great for daily shopping or University because its long lasting and also fresh. All the products I used are from Bobbi Brown unless stated otherwise. The products I have used are:

1. Protective Face Lotion SPF 15
I used this to prime my skin after washing, It allows my foundation therefore to last longer and create a smooth natural effect. I have another blog regarding this moisturiser lotion if it interests you.

2. Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15
Apply foundation to the entire face adapting to the needs of each section with a foundation brush. I have different skin tones therefore i apply more in some area than others. I have another blog regarding this product if it interests you.

3. Tinted Eye Brightener
Apply the brightener to the under eyes. Smooth with your finger as the warmth will melt the product allowing a better application. this can cover any dark circles as it acts as a concealer too. It gives me an extra push to the eye area as it brightens and make me look more awake and fresh.

4. Sheer Finish Loose Powder Finish
Apply a thin layer of this powder to the entire face with a kabuki brush. This will allow your foundation to set and also matten your face and reduce any oily effect. I use loose powder because it allows much more natural effect rather than pressed powder.

5. Dior Sourcils Poudre
Even though this is a pencil, it is actually known as a powder eye brow pencil. I love it because the fact that it is powder, allows a natural finish to your brows giving full coverage. Apply the pencil starting from the bottom of the brow and work to the end going slightly darker at the end. this will give u a natural and not to sharp effect.

6. Long Wear Gel Black Eye liner
Apply this eyeliner with an fine eye liner brush however I like using an angled brush as it allow me to draw a smooth fine line easily. I like using gel eye liners because for a daily basis, it isn't too sharp making it look a bit too much.

7. Electric heat Eye lash curler (Bought from Sasa)
Curl your lashes to widen your eyes to enhance the fresh and awake look. I like using a heated curler because it lasts longer and also it creates a natural curl because sometimes i find manual curlers crimping my lashes more than curling.

8. Dior Addict Ultra Gloss
Apply a thin layer onto lips with applicator. I like this lipgloss because it adds an extra bit of colour to your look. On a daily basis I tend to only use lipgloss raher than lipstick because it can really dry your lips up, therefore it would be best ro regulary apply lipgloss when your at home or before sleeping.

9. Estee Lauder Projectionist Mascara
I love this mascara because it gives high definition and volume to my lashes. Also i like it because it looks soo nice too. Apply this mascara to your top lashes with a few coats to give fill coverage.

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