Monday, 21 February 2011

Chanel Eyeliner

Yes..I splashed out again.. My new purchase...Chanel Long Extreme Liquid Eyeliner £21(Black). I've used many different types, sort, colour and brand of eyeliner. and I reccomend this one. Because it has a very fine brush which allows precise application giving you the look you always wanted. I also like having a little flick at the corner, and this brush does it perfectly. Ive used eye liner brushes but they seem to be too thick or have other problems. This one is 100% the best that I have used.

I like using this eyeliner with my Bobbi Brown Gel liner becase it gives a more natural and subtle look rather than being sharp. I applied it once and it lasts through the whole day and is also smudge proof. However, this product takes practice so if your not used to using liquid eyeliner, Chanel does another liquid liner which may be easier to use. I really recommend this product to you!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Estee Lauder goodies!!

I recently purchased a moisturiser from Estee Lauder. It is the Hydrationist Cream moisturiser £32, and it is heaven! I've used many Estee Lauder products before, but this one is really good and it stands out! The first application leaves your skin feeling refreshed and nourished, and of course hydrated to the maximum. Even though many people may assume that this brand is for a older generation in the market, e.g. for anti-ageing. But to me, I think that it is essential to protect before you get those wrinkles and lines because it will take much more effort and time to repair.

While I bought the moisturiser, I also picked up some goodies and samples which are also amazing. The delivery came with a little bag of samples ranging from eye/yeux cream to moisturiser. I love all of them and I may actually consider purchasing the full size product and that's just after one day. They include Advanced Night Repair Serum, Pore Minimizing Skin refresher Serum, Sumptuous Bold Volume lifting Mascara, Resilience Lift Extreme (Ultra Firming) Eye Cream and the new Day Wear Sheer Tint Moisturiser.

I think the products I'm liking the most is the Ultra Firming Eye Cream, £35. It has a creamy and oily texture at the beginning but it soaks into your skins very fast and feels very good. The fact that it is ultra firming, eliminates droopy eye lids and creates a fresh and bright feeling allowing you to look healthier and refreshed. The fact that it is firming, reduces the signs and risks of wrinkles, giving you a younger look. I think this is a must buy item!!

Another product which I think is really good is the Pore minimizing skin refresher serum £50. I've been using this product for over a year now, and it really does make a difference. Even though it is expensive it lasts a long time and shows effect on the first use. I love this product because it really does minimize the pores especially around your nose area. After removing blackheads, simply apply an even coverage around the area and there will be none or very faint blemishes or redness the next day. Just apply after toner, before moisturiser.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Im in love!

I have been keeping my eyes on these boots for a long time and they are finally on sale!! I bought these boots from River Island, and they are lush! they were £74.99 and now £50!! I wore them to go shopping today and they were more comfortable than many other boots i have bought. The boots comes in brown, black and cream and are very stylish!

I bought another Bobbi Brown product. This product is a must buy, I know I say it all the time but this one is perfect and really easy to use. This is a Foundation Stick £27, I love this product because it is long lasting and you dont really need much to have an even coverage. The fact that the product is in a stick, you can really apply it on any way you like, with your hands, a brush or a sponge. Also you only get as much you want every time therefore there will be no waste. I've used the liquid foundation and you always have to pour out how much you want and sometimes there is too much and therefore is wasted.

There can be many uses for this product too. You can use it as the main foundation base or as a touch up because it is soo easy to put in your bag or make up pouch. You can also use it as a concealer because the creamy formula is soo nice on your skin and also creates a perfect coverage. This product can do anything!!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Hunter Boots!!

I've recently bought a pair of Hunter Boots in Red....but I dont really like them. Therefore im selling..again...

Hunter Red Lace-Up Wellingtons (Size 5)

This brand new stylish pair of boots shows the signature original design of Hunter with laces to express a unique high fashion statement piece for your outfit.

It provide full comfort and waterproof protection for rainy or snow days.

It is sold out in many shops and is still of high demand online. The item is brand new and boxed with a spare pair of laces.

Ebay item number: 280629117900

Again..If you like this item, and your a follower on the blog. simply leave a comment so I know, and I will give you free p&p on winning bid!! Grab yourself a bargin!!


Thursday, 10 February 2011

Express with colours

Now my assignments are finished and handed in, I can concentrate more with the blog. I went to my friends birthday meal on the weekend, and she introduced me to this nail varnish, it is soo good but quite hard to use at first time. It is a black nail varnish from Barry M, for around £3 if I remember. This black nail varnish, has a crackling effect and it creates a stunning pattern expecially when mixing with different colours as base. In the image, is just one of my colour choices. Does anyone know if they do anymore of the crackling polish in different colours?

1. Apply any colour of base coat, Allow to dry
2. Apply strokes of the black crackling nail varnish, without overlapping, as the label says.
3. Watch it crackle
4. Seal with top coat.

I also adore Nails Inc. polish, this is because it is soo easy to apply and the quality is perfect. Many of the colour ranges they have are soo unique and you cant find them anywhere else. below is a collection of my favourite colours.

Bored of plain nail polish? I tackled this problem, and purchased nail art stickers! They are the best when you just want an extra little kick which is quick and easy! They come in all shapes and sizes, colours, texture etc. They are quite cheap in some places too, I bought a huge amount in hong kong because they have soo many styles, I didnt know which ones to choose!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Ebay Bargin

Im currently selling this purse on EBay for £15 starting bid. Grab yourself a bargin!

Vivienne Westwood Pink Signature Tartan Orb Logo Purse

  • · The signature pink tartan material purse it a must have for this winter. I am clearing out my room and came across an old purse.
  • · The purse is used, and is a little warned out but still in good quality. That’s why I am bidding for a low price. It would be a shame to leave it unused.
  • · The purse has a separate coin section, 6+ card slots and notes section. The interior is black leather with the Vivienne Westwood imprinted into the leather.
  • · I have included the original Vivienne Westwood box it came with.

the item code for the purse is Item number: 280625585933

OFFER: I will send the winning item with free P&P if you follow and give me a comment to state.


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