Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Im in love!

I have been keeping my eyes on these boots for a long time and they are finally on sale!! I bought these boots from River Island, and they are lush! they were £74.99 and now £50!! I wore them to go shopping today and they were more comfortable than many other boots i have bought. The boots comes in brown, black and cream and are very stylish!

I bought another Bobbi Brown product. This product is a must buy, I know I say it all the time but this one is perfect and really easy to use. This is a Foundation Stick £27, I love this product because it is long lasting and you dont really need much to have an even coverage. The fact that the product is in a stick, you can really apply it on any way you like, with your hands, a brush or a sponge. Also you only get as much you want every time therefore there will be no waste. I've used the liquid foundation and you always have to pour out how much you want and sometimes there is too much and therefore is wasted.

There can be many uses for this product too. You can use it as the main foundation base or as a touch up because it is soo easy to put in your bag or make up pouch. You can also use it as a concealer because the creamy formula is soo nice on your skin and also creates a perfect coverage. This product can do anything!!


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