Friday, 24 June 2011

Its all about Origins!!

My new buy is dispatched for delivery!! :D I was looking on YouTube before about reviews of the Estee Lauder Serums, and came across a review of a daily routine. To my surprise, I found out that I haven't been using a toner for a long time now, maybe that's why my face is gotten worse. So this lady on YouTube was talking how Origins and Estee Lauder make a good combination. Seen as how I'm using Estee Lauder anyways, I thought I have a look at the toner collection from Origins.

Origins is a very natural company, as they say 'Powered by Nature, Proven By Science', I decided to give them a try. I've Purchased 2 new products which are:

1. GinZing eye cream £20 15ml
This Eye cream contains the ingredients of Caffeine from Coffee bean, Panax Ginseng, Magnolia Extract and natural optic brighteners. It can help me with long nights as it has a refreshing feels which reduces puffiness and dark circles. Perfect for those long "study" nights.

2. Purifying Tonic toner 150ml £19

This apparently is one of the best toners on the market. It contains salicycid acid and organic vinegar. It helps tighten pores and also clean them to give a brings refreshing feel. Organic Vinegar allows the removal of dry skin leaving your skin smooth and Matt.

If you do decide to try it and buy online, Origins is giving 2 free samples with online purchases. Also when u sign up for an account, remember to take the e-mail discount voucher for free delivery before buying the products, I only found out I had the voucher when I bought the stuff so I was too late. At least it saves you £4 delivery!!

Tell me how it goes, I will update about this product later to tell you about how the product actually works for me when i recieve them :D

Monday, 20 June 2011

My Inspiration

Many people making fashion and beauty blog's have something they aim for, We want to express our feelings and thoughts from our appearance. Fashion and beauty can be a real strong sense of feeling from confidence to loving and warmth.

What really inspire me the most is of course Michelle Phan, my all time make up and fashion goddess. she's featured on you tube, Facebook, blog, you name it. She has also become a representative for Lacome and has her own brand called IQQU. I've purchased their products before and I love the cute brushes they do!.

Another person is of course her friend Christelle, She is a really good fashion goddess and shes shown me a lot of ways to dress. I wish I could dress even 50% like her! I never have the guts to go that far and always go more to the safe side of fashion.

My top 5 wanted fashion items list:

1. Hermes Handbag
Hermes shows a different attitude and style towards your look.

2. Alexander McQueen Flesh Optic Double Wrap Bracelet
This bracelet give your look an extra boost!

3, 4 & 5 Topshop Jacket,
I really don't know which ones I love them all!! Jackets can change your look instantly, even if your inside is not very nice, your jacket will finish the look for you.


  • Price: £180.00


  • Price: £65.00


  • Price: £80.00

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Eyes can be one of the most important features for you. It can ref
lect on many different moods you are in. We all know especially, if we have a bad sleep it can do horrible things to our eyes. it can cause dark circles or baggy eyes. We need to spend so much time to make them look better and to cover our ugly side.

What I usually tend to do is...use false eyelashes.
For a daily basis, I choose to use thin natural false eyelashes just to give my eye a little more boost. It opens my eyes more and makes me look more awake

It is an necessity!!

Just apply foundation, here I'm using
Bobbi Brown Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation SPF 12

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder

Eye Liner
Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye-liner Gel

False Lashes

and it will automatically make you more wide awake and of course cuter and girlier!

3 Minute Face Mask! HEAVEN!!

Hey guys,

I was shopping in boots and came across this lovely face mask. Not only it looks good but it also smells lovely. It is from No7, and called Heavenly Hydration Moisture Mask, and like whipped cream. From what I can see it has two different creams inside, one is a pink colour and the other is a see through gel. When you pump it out, they mix and act as a rich hydrating cream mask which deeply moisturises your skin effortlessly.

Use the mask when you shower or bath, for 3 minutes, 10 minutes when you feel it is needed, and your skin will feel refreshed. I noticed when washing it off, it seemed to leave an oily texture, therefore it would be ideal to wash of with your usual face wash afterwards. The instructions also tells me that I can also leave on a thin layer when going to sleep as it will therefore soak in and leave my skin feeling beautiful when I wake up.

Give it a go!
It will be a good time to buy it when they have the £5 off No7 products too
tell me what you think

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New Laptop, O.P.I

Well, I know this is a beauty and fashion blog but I bought a new Dell XPS laptop...with a twist. It is incorporated with the nail varnish brand O.P.I, By adding £80 towards the laptop and the case is transformed.

Do you like it??

Even Vogue has an article about it!!


Hey everybody, I'm finally back to blogging. I've finally finished my University Year 2 exams and assignments and now is as free as a bird! To be honest, thinking about my studies and what I want to do in the future, I don't really know what I want to do. What would you do if you were studying business? I want to have some relationship with the fashion and beauty industry towards business but I just don't know what.

Vivienne Westwood ( has just sent me an e-mail

There will be a seasonal sale on on the 9th June 6-9:30pm!! Omg that just means that I have to spend more and more money!! This will be held in the major Vivienne Westwood and Hervia stores and also online! People who have subscribed to the website, check your emails because you have also got a code of an extra 10% off sale items!!

Ill be back to blogging on a regular basis of my findings of new beauty and fashion items which I think is a must have!! stay tuned!!

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