Monday, 10 October 2011


I love the name, the brand, the style, the makeup, apart from the price.
however, Ive just bought some new face products and I think the price of it is worth it.

1. Lotion Purete
2 Gel Purete
These two combined are the perfect solution for my face. It significantly reduces the amount of excess oil from my nose area and really mattifys the entire face.

Next is the make up.

These are all you need for a smoky or simple look. I love the new eyeshadow as it can act like a liner too. It also has a simmer inside too so it can be used for night time parties too.


Friday, 5 August 2011

Fresh as a Daisy

Sorry to everyone who follow my blog, I haven't been posting lately. Have you ever had the feeling where everything you once thought was right or true becomes wrong and isn't actually what you think it may be? Well to me, its a new part of life and its what makes you grow up and become who you are. I'm going into my final year of study soon and then I have to choose my path of life. I want to open a restaurant in a busy city which shows class and elegance with real food. Will it really come true?Back to blogging, I have much more spare time now so I hope I can post a few more articles for you all.
LANCOME is my new discovery, I truly love their skincare and I can feel that it really does great wonders to my skin. Even though the price is of the higher end of the market but it is truly worth it.

1. Lancome Mousse Eclat Face foaming wash
2. Tonique Douceur

Both of these skincare products are great to use together. I've used it for around 2 weeks and its made my skin very soft and fresh. It does not dry my skin either. When using this I've also minimised the amount of foundation I use. Sometimes when I go out I only apply on a thin layer of powder to create a Matt effect and that's all I need with a bit of lip gloss. Now I can sleep for longer!!

Also, When I came back from University, my dad bought me some flowers! How nice of him!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Its all about Origins!!

My new buy is dispatched for delivery!! :D I was looking on YouTube before about reviews of the Estee Lauder Serums, and came across a review of a daily routine. To my surprise, I found out that I haven't been using a toner for a long time now, maybe that's why my face is gotten worse. So this lady on YouTube was talking how Origins and Estee Lauder make a good combination. Seen as how I'm using Estee Lauder anyways, I thought I have a look at the toner collection from Origins.

Origins is a very natural company, as they say 'Powered by Nature, Proven By Science', I decided to give them a try. I've Purchased 2 new products which are:

1. GinZing eye cream £20 15ml
This Eye cream contains the ingredients of Caffeine from Coffee bean, Panax Ginseng, Magnolia Extract and natural optic brighteners. It can help me with long nights as it has a refreshing feels which reduces puffiness and dark circles. Perfect for those long "study" nights.

2. Purifying Tonic toner 150ml £19

This apparently is one of the best toners on the market. It contains salicycid acid and organic vinegar. It helps tighten pores and also clean them to give a brings refreshing feel. Organic Vinegar allows the removal of dry skin leaving your skin smooth and Matt.

If you do decide to try it and buy online, Origins is giving 2 free samples with online purchases. Also when u sign up for an account, remember to take the e-mail discount voucher for free delivery before buying the products, I only found out I had the voucher when I bought the stuff so I was too late. At least it saves you £4 delivery!!

Tell me how it goes, I will update about this product later to tell you about how the product actually works for me when i recieve them :D
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