Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sally Hensen Nail Growth Miracle

My nails have suddenly become very slow at growing and tend to chip and snap quite easily. Therefore from doing some reaseach, I've recently bought this set of Sally Hensen nail care products. The set came with two products which are :

1. Sally Hensen Nail growth Miracle (Salon Strength) (Gold Bottle)
2. Sally Hensen Diamond Radiance hand & Cuticle Polish (Silver Bottle)

Lets talk about the 1st one. This product was stated on the box by applying one coat a day you will have 30% longer nails in 5 Days GUARANTEED!! Do you believe it? I started my 1st day and will keep you informed in 5 days time about if the product is really guaranteed. What do you guys think? The product has soy protein which is supposed to help nail strengthen without brittleness. It also includes Keratin to act as a protector to the nail reducing the risk of splitting, cracking and tearing. Collagen is also a part of the ingredients which is a very good multi vitamin source to help the healthy growth process.

The 2Nd product is a little exfoliate scrub which you apply to the nail and cuticle and rub for 60 seconds. It exfoliates the dry and flaky skin to reveal healthier looking skin. It includes micronized diamond powder to enhance the smoothness with other ingredients such as Shea butter and ceramide. Use once a week, but I like using every few days just to give it a bit more uuumphh! :D


  1. Ooo, I should try this soon. My nails feel slightly weak at the moment because I wear nail polish all the time ^^

    Just to let you know, I awarded you with an award! =D


  2. oh i heard from somewhere cannit remember where, but if u mix
    4tablespoons of milk with
    3tablespoons of orange juice &
    5 tablespoons of pure apple vinegar
    it's ment to make your nails stronger and makes your nails grow faster =) dunno if it actually works lol but you can try it out, never know until you try =)

    Oh btw thanks for following my bloggy XD
    I just followed ur blog too =)

  3. apparently u drink it LOL

  4. Thanks for following Vivienne! I'm a new follower of yours ^^ nice blog btw!! :D


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