Thursday, 10 February 2011

Express with colours

Now my assignments are finished and handed in, I can concentrate more with the blog. I went to my friends birthday meal on the weekend, and she introduced me to this nail varnish, it is soo good but quite hard to use at first time. It is a black nail varnish from Barry M, for around £3 if I remember. This black nail varnish, has a crackling effect and it creates a stunning pattern expecially when mixing with different colours as base. In the image, is just one of my colour choices. Does anyone know if they do anymore of the crackling polish in different colours?

1. Apply any colour of base coat, Allow to dry
2. Apply strokes of the black crackling nail varnish, without overlapping, as the label says.
3. Watch it crackle
4. Seal with top coat.

I also adore Nails Inc. polish, this is because it is soo easy to apply and the quality is perfect. Many of the colour ranges they have are soo unique and you cant find them anywhere else. below is a collection of my favourite colours.

Bored of plain nail polish? I tackled this problem, and purchased nail art stickers! They are the best when you just want an extra little kick which is quick and easy! They come in all shapes and sizes, colours, texture etc. They are quite cheap in some places too, I bought a huge amount in hong kong because they have soo many styles, I didnt know which ones to choose!


  1. hunii guess who! :P


  2. and huni.. i had to remember hard what my password was for my blogspot just so that I can follow you =]
    I haven't touched that blog in over a year!!!

  3. soh por!!
    i missy youuuu
    make a blog!!


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