Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Lashes, Lashes, Lashes!

I think eye lashes really do play a part in make up. They can change your whole face expression and look. Therefore I sometimes use false eye lashes to enhance my look whether it is on a daily basis or a night out or even just for that something extra. Here I recommend a Japanese product for the needs of eyelashes. I like these eye lashes because the quality are very nice and strong, however it still gives a natural and light effect.

The adhesive glue is a must have. Ive used so many different types but this one is just WOW! it dries fast and black so it therefore blends in with your eyeliner.

Personally i think eye lashes are a must have item for all women. Especially for me as I am single eye lidded therefore eye lashes really do widen my eyes. When applying your eyelashes, I have learnt to apply it closer to your crease line, therefore when it dries, it will enchance your crease and create a double eyelid effect.

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