Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Curling eyelashes cant be any easier..

I have discovered a must have item for every womans make up bags! A heated eye lash curler which is very easy to use and curls every lash quickly. This product is powered by one simple AA battery. When clicking it on, it heats up the wires within the black applicator. Therefore, instead of the usual curler, you press your eye lashes onto the stick therefore curling the lashes.

Im in with love this product because it is in a handy size and looks stylish. It also has a small red rubber ball on the top which turns white when hot. This lets you see the temperature and know when it is ready to use. It is a little expensive for a curler coming to £15. But it can last for a very long time and also it works very well on real or false eye lashes. It doesnt burn the delicate skin around the lashes therefore allowing it be safe to use.

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