Sunday, 30 January 2011

Jewelery Craze

I love jewelery and my mum always tells me off for buying and buying and buying. I cant help it. I think that they express all your feelings and your personality. They bring colour and style to your outfits and wearing jewelery of course makes everything prettier.

The necklace from the previous Image was bought from Gucci. I love that necklace because I think its very feminine and its not over the top for daily use. However, the interlocking G sometimes flips and goes upside down apart from that it is perfect! It is called interlocking G motif Pendant £165.

Another two pieces of jewelery that I absolutely cannot live without is my Pandora bracelet. I just love it so much because I can customise it to how ever I like with the separate beads. My sister bought me the bracelet for my 19Th birthday and now its all full. It can be a great idea for others to get you too ;) the charms vary from £1000 to £20 depending on what style and material. You can see this from my bracelet shown below, there are all shapes, colours and types really allowing you to customise to how you adore it.


  1. Just started following your blog! ^^
    Your Pandora bracelet looks so pretty! I have a couple of charms the same as you too. I love how each charm can have their own meaning & that each Pandora bracelet is completely different compared to others & the fact that you can customize it to suit your personality or style!


  2. Yea exactly! XD Each charm can have their own meaning expecially when someone else buys you it. Like my Sis bought me the present charm for my bday and it brings back so much memories! :D

    TY for following my blog :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Yeah, so special when someone buys you a charm ^^ I wear mine almost everyday xD
    No problem lah! Check out my blog if you have time ^^


  4. yea im on it now XD Love those shoes! non left :(
    I know i wear mine all the time too, AND! I went to do gel nails, and then couldnt unclip my bracelet cos the nails were too thick lmao!!



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